Benefit of Ordinary Member Khao Kheow Country Club (Annual) Annual
Fee Bht 50,000 until

  1. Annual ordinary member for golf club of 27 hole (championship style).
  2. Annual ordinary member with a membership of 1 year and the membership is not transferable as from the date of agreement is made.
  3. Annual ordinary member may use the service of golf club in the project, free for the use of field. By which, member must notify in advance prior to the use of field every time. In order to provide facilities and arrange for the field service to the time requested.
  4. Annual ordinary member may take 3 guests to join the use of golf club in each day. By which, guests will pay the green fee in accordance with the rate applied for member’s guest.
  5. Annual ordinary member is eligible for other services on a special case as a member under the consideration of golf club, which will be determined from time to time.

Annual ordinary member must follow the existing regulations of golf club or any amendments in future.

Membership Enrollment

  1. Applicant of annual ordinary member must be qualified to the determinations set by golf club.
  2. Applicant must fill up membership-booking sheet and pay the membership fee as setby
    golf club.
  3. Fully paid the membership fee.
    Remarks : Khao Kheow Country Club preserves its right to vary the above prices and conditions to the benefit of members in majority as appropriate.